Top 5 Benefits of Switching to Google G Suite

As we all know, Google re-branded Google Apps for Work as 'G Suite.' Since then, the company has been working to make G Suite more competitive with other cloud-based products. The digital whiteboard, Hangouts Meet and Chat apps, Google Drive for teams, and Gmail Add-ons are just a few examples of Google's new focus on the enterprise market.

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Top 5 Google G Suite Benefits:

1. Built for the Cloud: You can save a lot of time and money for your organization by shifting your email and office solutions to the cloud. But with so many cloud offerings in the market, most of the time it is hard to decide upon which one is the best fit for your business needs. Google is recognized as a trusted name and an industry leader in reliable cloud infrastructure. G-Suite is built as a complete cloud-based service from the start.

2. Cloud designed for business needs: With cloud at its core, Google services are designed to deliver better security than many traditional on-premises solutions. Get a professional email with @your domain; more storage space; 99.9% SLA guaranteed uptime; 24/7 phone & email support, Outlook interoperability, better security features, and the entire administration of all user accounts.

3. All-in-one integrated solution: G Suite is a complete package that includes various tools integrated together to work seamlessly. For example, an invite message received in Gmail can instantly be converted into a Calendar event. Or when you make a comment in Google docs, the collaborators will receive alerts automatically.

Docs for real-time collaboration Google Apps for Work has Drive for file storage and sharing Hangouts for video meetings and text chat Gmail for professional email, all available at one price Making use of these apps as a complete solution boosts productivity which helps businesses in getting maximum value.

4. Multi-device consistency and Easy-to-use: Users find G Suite easy to use as the experience is the same across various devices, browsers, and operating systems. Also, most of the employees are familiar with these apps as they already use Gmail for personal use.

5. Offline support: In case you are traveling from one place to another, and you have less internet connectivity, So with the help of G Suite you can still view, edit and create content using Gmail, Calendar, and Google Docs which will sync automatically when you reconnect online.