1. Overview Of The DLT Registration

The Telecom Regulatory Authority of India (TRAI) has made it mandatory for all entities to register on the Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT) platform. This has been done to curb Unsolicited Commercial Communication (UCC) and improve mobile subscriber privacy within the country. To read more about the new regulation, see  Telecom Commercial Communications Customer Preference Regulation 2018 (TCCCPR 18).

The DLT platform is a block-chain based registration system adopted to keep records of all transactions made between network participants. It’s aimed at creating more transparency and reducing the incidence of spam and fraud.

Why These Changes?

The move has been taken to curb the increasing number of frauds & spam happening over SMS & Voice calls. The purpose here is to have your KYC done with the telecom operators ( so as to maintain end-to-end traceability in case of frauds ) and pre-define SMS content you are going to send ( so as to control spam and fraudulent messages ).

In case you wish to know in detail about the regulation, please refer to the regulatory document published by TRAI at   THIS LINK

2. Enterprises vs. Telemarketers

The DLT platform lets you register as an Enterprise or a Telemarketer.

  • Enterprises are commercial businesses (individual or company) dealing with products or services, who would like to communicate with their customers through SMS or VOICE services.
  • Telemarketers are of 2 types –
  • Telemarketer Aggregator: An individual or a company who collects SMS/voice traffic from enterprises, but doesn’t have a direct connection with the telecom operator.
  • Telemarketer Delivery: An individual or a company who collects SMS/voice traffic from enterprises, and has a direct connection with the telecom operator.


  • You / Your clients must register on the DLT platform as an Enterprise.
  • SMSPack is registered as a Telemarketer.

3. How to Register on the DLT Platform ( As a first-time applicant )

If you’re sending SMS to users in India, then it is mandatory for you to register on the DLT platform.  You must register with at least one telecom operator.  ( We recommend starting with Jio/ Videocon, as Videocon and Jio's DLT onboarding process is free, fast, and with minimal documentation needs )  

DLT operators in India

Jio DLT portal: https://trueconnect.jio.com/#/

Vodafone DLT portal: https://www.vilpower.in/

Airtel DLT portal: https://dltconnect.airtel.in/

BSNL DLT portal: https://www.ucc-bsnl.co.in/

MTNL DLT portal: https://www.ucc-mtnl.in/

Videocon DLT portal: https://smartping.live/entity/login

As the data of every DLT operator are synced with each other, registration can be done on any one of the DLT platforms.
NoteThese platforms are just for DLT registration. Messages will be sent from the Bulk SMS Service Provider panel like before.

For registration, you need documents like proof of authorized signatory, Self-certification by authorized signatory required on letterhead with name, designation and seal, Proof of Identity, POA: Proof of Address, Consent letter from the parent entity, Service Agreement on Rs 100 stamp paper, Pan Number (Entity), GST Number(Govt.), Aadhaar Number of Authorized Signatory.

If any qsn, Click here to submit a support ticket. And our team reply to you with all details.