What Is Web Design?

Web design is the art of designing and laying out content onto a page which is specifically designed for viewing in web browsers. Generally the page is laid out in such a way so as to be tailored for the most generic size of screen in use at that point in time. At the moment the average screen size is 1024x768. Coupled with the page size of layout the images used within the design are optimised for use on the Internet so as to load quickly, be clear and visible when used within the browser and be visually appealing.

Once the web design is complete then the designer splits it up into elements that will be text and other elements which will remain images. Using HTML tools and alike the web design is then pieced together into a mixed form of images, text and HTML. This forms the base framework for the website and is now viewable in the browser.

The Benefits Of Using A Web Design Professional

When it comes down to it, image is the single most important factor about any brand or marketing medium. The Internet is no exception and it is essential to make your brand and image unique, interesting and appealing to your target audience; you need to stand out from the crowd. As the Internet offers access to a large potential audience, it is important to present a great image to your audience and design is a fundamental part of the message that you want your new client to see. It is also important to show that you are a reputable and honest company with a clear and concise message and delivery. Put simply would you trust an inexperienced and unproven person with your web design? Most likely it is important to you that your brand and image are upheld and presented in the best light. Don't short cut when it comes to quality web design.

When a professional web designer takes on a new client they will ask a lot of questions about what you are trying to achieve and learn about your business. Using their knowledge and experience the designer will piece together a web design which closely mirrors your custom needs. They will be fast and understanding in the way they construct your web design without having to consult you on every single minor detail.

What Do, We Do?

FastTreck have a top breed web design team. We pride ourselves on tailoring solutions to suit our customers individual business needs. We know that it is very important to couple great web design with software development to ensure that you enhance your company presence and increase effective client communications. Our web designers use the latest technology along with talent and experience to create the best website possible.

Our web design experts translate your thoughts and ideas into striking and unique visual concepts that will astound your visitors. We know that web design is the rare art of taking your ideas and doing this effectively while still incorporating solid online marketing principles.

FastTreck are the web design experts, contact us to find out how we can help you with your next website.

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